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My name is Sheila Loyola. I'm unlike others, head-strong, open-minded, blunt, perky, obnoxious, and a completely changed individual, than I was in the past. You could say it's for the better, but some of you might disagree. I'm 21 years old.Where I currently live isn't for me, and someday I will find somewhere that is. I'm inspired by odd things. I might come off as having a big ego, but take is as you want. Being positive is something I always go for. I really couldn't ask for a better life, but on the other hand I could. I don't label myself. Sometimes I wonder what the world will be like a hundred years from now.
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for anon
Sep 28th 2010 · 82 notes · Tags: #i look weird #me
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    Are you sure you’re Asian? you don’t look like it, you’re adorable by the way :$
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    you’re so cuteee :)
  4. christian-glave said: prettyy <3
  5. f3ll- said: you’re lovely <3
  6. fuckyeahtimg said: ewww you’re beautiful!
  7. mattdead said: fuckyeah your beautiful!
  8. sex-in-the-city said: you are my new bestfriend <3
  9. scoffdrew said: haha you’re so cute seriously, you’re adorable!
  10. jonathanreals said: little asian i miss you!
  11. brooksadamtheoriginal said: nice hair did you cut it again? and you’re so cute!
  12. shedatearrr said: prettyyy :)
  13. shaneanderson said: <3
  14. mailitouttt said: ;P
  15. elizabethspence said: youre so cutee!
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    can i be your bestfriend? :)
  17. sexy-mysterious said: you’re really pretty
  18. michaelace said: <3 omg you’re adorable! can i be your friend and then we go wherever we want to and then we became bestfriends and then we became bf and gf and then we get married and have kids. don’t you want that? i’m perfect for you ;)
  19. thisfuckmail said: pretty :$